Phone network and connection tests

This phone test is for the cellular network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC (where supported).

Telephony network

Telephony network displays information including:

  • SIM provider and state;
  • Network connection and type;
  • Signal strength.

If you inserted a SIM (recommended) then you should check the SIM state is ready (showing the phone’s SIM holder is OK) and the phone is connected to a network (showing basic telephony functions are working).

phone network test

Note: if Wi-Fi is connected, the Phone Network Data connection would normally show as disconnected (this is normal).

Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi network displays information including:

  • Wi-Fi status,
  • SSID (network),
  • Signal strength,
  • link speed.

If you connected the phone to a Wi-Fi network (recommended), you should check the SSID is shown and the Link speed is reasonable for your network type (e.g. 802.11n or ac) and phone/tablet is shown. This shows the basic Wi-Fi connection functionality is working.

phone wifi test


The Bluetooth section displays information about whether Bluetooth is supported and has been enabled successfully.

NFC (Near-field communication)

The NFC section displays information about whether NFC is supported and has been enabled successfully. E.g. for use with Android Pay or Samsung Pay.

IR (Infrared)

The IR section shows whether IR (e.g. TV remote control) is supported.

Network and connection tests

A series of short network checks and connectivity tests are performed to check the network and connectivity function.

The network tests check the telephony network connection, the WiFi connection, the IP address of the device, the IP address of the local gateway and performs a ping test to the network gateway.

phone network test

If Bluetooth is supported, the test will check that Bluetooth has enabled successfully and has paired with other Bluetooth devices. If the in-app purchase has been made, it will also perform a Bluetooth test scan for nearby Bluetooth devices.

If NFC is supported, you should place an NFC tag behind your phone and listen for the registration beep. Please ensure the notification volume is turned up so you can hear the beep. If the in-app purchase has been made, it will also perform an integrated NFC test and indicate if the card or tag was successfully detected OK.

Many NFC tags or credit cards with a contactless symbol willNFC test work.

If the telephony network, Wi-Fi network, Network tests, Bluetooth and NFC tests are OK, select OK.

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