After selecting the “Guided test” option from the home screen, the Test settings are shown. Each test group (e.g. GPS) can be selected or deselected for the test run. By default, all tests are run.

The phone checks and tests will occur in the order shown on the Settings screen above. The progress through the test process will be displayed in the title bar, e.g. [3 of 12].

It is should be noted that if you want to redo a test, you can just select the Android back button to go back to the previous test.

Phone test - settings

Before starting a phone test

Before starting a phone test it is recommended that:

  • A telephony network connection is setup (to verify the SIM holder is OK and the basic telephony network connection functions are OK);
  • A Wi-Fi connection is setup (to verify the basic Wi-Fi connection functions are OK);
  • If Bluetooth is supported, enable Bluetooth (for the Bluetooth test);
  • If NFC is supported, enable NFC and have an NFC tag ready for testing (see network test);
  • High accuracy GPS is enabled to verify the network provided location and GPS provided location are OK;
  • Insert a microSD card if supported (to verify the microSD card is identified and the basic microSD slot functions are OK);
  • The device is more than 30% charged and NOT connected to a charger during the test. Battery usage will be checked throughout the tests.

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