Phone screen repair – Display and Touch screen

This test is particularly useful if you have just had your smart phone screen repaired.


The display check displays 5 test screens to check for different types of display faults. Each screen is displayed for about 3 seconds.

  • White: Check for dead pixels  (i.e. black dots).
  • Black: Check for bright pixels (e.g. white dots). Check for dead or bright lines.
  • Red/Green/Blue: Check the color is consistent across the whole display.
  • Check for burn-in (i.e. permanent discoloration / ghost image).
  • Check for backlight bleed (e.g. white clouds).

Screen repair - test the screen

Select OK is the screen looks OK for each of these tests, otherwise select NOK.

Touch screen

This tests the touch screen (digitizer) for dead areas and 5 point multi-touch.

The touch screen test displays 2 vertical lines. You should touch a line at the top of the screen with 1 finger and drag it to the bottom of the screen, then repeat this for the second line. This is repeated for 3 sets of lines, with each set of lines covering different parts of the touch screen digitizer.

The most common reason the touch screen test fails is if there is a dead area on the screen. That is, the digitizer does not detect a touch for a small area of the screen. This would normally be seen when tracing a line and the line drawn by your finger is not continuous (drops out).

A 5 point multi-touch test follows. Just touch the screen with 5 fingers. Note: This test is skipped if the device indicates it supports less than 5 touch points. It should be noted that some devices support 5 or more touch points, but when certain gesture settings are turned on, the device is restricted to a smaller number. For example, the OnePlus 5T phone supports 10 touch points, however when the “Three-finger screenshot” setting is turned on only 3 touch points are supported.

The test will automatically complete OK if the traced lines have been followed on the touchscreen and the 5 point multi-touch is OK. The test will be deemed NOK if a set number of attempts are made and the test has not completed, or the test is not completed within a set time period. If your device has a faulty touchscreen and your device can recognize a touch anywhere on the screen, then you can just tap there a number of times to fail the test and move to the next test or wait for the timeout (between 30 and 90 seconds – depending on the touches already recognized).

Screen repair - test the touch screen
Screen repair – test the touch screen
Screen repair - test the touch screen for multi-touch
Screen repair – test the touch screen for multi-touch


This shows the basic touchscreen functionality is OK or NOK.

It uses 2D graphics, and hence also shows the basic 2D function is OK.

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