I am sorry to let you know that inPocket Software has now closed. All inPocket Software apps, including Phone Check and Test, Phone Signal Information and Phone Information have been discontinued.

It has been a pleasure delivering quality Android phone test, information and monitoring software over the last 8 years – thank you.

Phone Check and Test is designed to quickly test your Android phone or tablet. It provides an easy to use guided process to quickly check and test all of the main components of an Android phone or tablet.

Phone Check and Test provides 3 main functions: Monitor phone, a guided phone test and a phone test report.


Phone Check and Test allows you to monitor your phone’s current usage of: CPU, memory, storage, battery, cellular (SIM, network, cell towers and signal strength) and Wi-Fi.

Phone Check and Test

 Guided phone test

Phone Check and Test goes through a series of easy to use checks and tests followed by automated testing to test an Android phone or tablet.

The phone tests are configurable and are run as a series of tests and checks in the order shown below:
Device information check;
Device information: Low memory suggestions;
Device information: Low internal storage suggestions;
Battery check and charging socket test;
Telephony and Wi-Fi network checks;
Network gateway ping test;
Bluetooth check ;
NFC check;
Audio test: microphone/ear speaker;
Audio test: mono/stereo speaker;
Audio test: headphone jack;
Audio test: volume buttons;
Audio test: vibrate test;
Display: dead pixels;
Display: bright pixels;
Display: color consistency;
Display: burn-in;
Display: backlight bleed;
Touch screen test \ 2D Graphics: dead screen digitizer area;
Touch screen test: 5 touch points;
– Network and GPS location tests;
Physical appearance;
Camera test: front;
Camera test: rear camera and flash;
Fingerprint sensor check;
– Supported sensors check (e.g. proximity, light, accelerometer, step counter…);
Thermal stress test;
CPU stress test;
Memory stresstest;
Storage stresstest;
Battery usage check;
Temperature reporting.

More information on Screen Overlay Detected.

Phone test report

An HTML results report is produced and can be emailed on the completion of the test. The report shows whether a problem has been detected or not, and device information.

Phone Check and Test

An example is shown here: phone test results report

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