RSI StopWatch – extended trial

Want to try RSI StopWatch until the end of 2017 for free?

This license key is a trial extension and only for personal use (not commercial use). Just download RSIStopWatch from this page and use the extended trial license key below. Use as is.

Please email us and let you know what you think of RSIStopWatch  or if you have any questions:

Extended trial license key

Copy the license key (including the “===” symbols) and paste the license key in the software license key option:

Trial to 31Dec2017-non-commercial use only-as is

RSIStopWatch comes in 2 versions. One for standard user accounts and the other for administrator user accounts. You should use the version that matches your user account type.


Download RSI software: standard user accounts

Download RSI software: standard user accounts
Standard RSIStopWatch V2.3.1001

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Download RSI software: administrator accounts

Download RSI software: administrator accounts
Administrator RSIStopWatch V2.3.1001


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