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I decided to discontinue “RSIStopWatch” for Windows on 13 November 2017. If you have not purchased RSIStopWatch, please uninstall the app now. If you have purchased RSIStopWatch, we will continue to provide support for 12 months. Thanks.

RSIStopWatch comes in 2 versions. One for standard user accounts and the other for administrator user accounts. You should use the version that matches your user account type.

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If you are not sure of your user account type, then select Standard RSIStopWatch.

The Administrator RSIStopWatch has the advantage that hotkeys will work in applications that are run with “elevated” administrator privileges. If you don’t use any applications that require being run as administrator, then this does not matter.

These downloads are fully functional trial versions for 30 days from the date of installation. On purchasing RSI

StopWatch you will be emailed a license key that removes the time limitation.

RSIStopWatch email support is provided during the trial period. After purchasing RSIStopWatch, email support is provided for 12 months.


To uninstall RSIStopWatch

Before uninstalling RSIStopWatch, please exit RSIStopWatch, Select uninstall RSIStopWatch in “Add or remove programs”.

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