RSI StopWatch – main display menu options


  • Exit: Exit RSI software, RSIStopWatch. This will remove the rest timer and hotkeys.


  • Opens the configuration window.


  • Log work activity: Displays a window that allows you to enter a work activity description. This can be used to log times of activities, such as the start of a new project. This can be then used as timesheet information.
  • Display log files: Opens the directory where all of the log files are stored. These files are text files and can be viewed with any editor, like notepad or Word.


  • Online help: this RSI help web page.
  • Online shortcuts: an RSI help web page with an overview to reduce keystrokes and mouse movements.
  • Enter license key: enter the license key that we will email to you if you purchase the product.
  • About: information about the RSI software RSIStopWatch, such as the version and license used.

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