RSI timer help: RSI Stop Watch v2.3

I decided to discontinue “RSIStopWatch” for Windows on 13 November 2017. If you have not purchased RSIStopWatch, please uninstall the app now. If you have purchased RSIStopWatch, we will continue to provide support for 12 months. Thanks.


The main RSI timer display is a simple to read countdown timer showing the time until the next rest. A break or rest display is shown when the countdown gets to zero. The time since the last rest and the total work time for today are also shown.

Back pain, neck pain, wrist RSI? RSI help.
RSI timer software – easy to read display


A “Rest now” button can be used to take a rest (a break) now, rather than waiting until the next scheduled rest time. For example, this could be used when going to make a cup of coffee.

A summary of the current configuration is also displayed on the right-hand side of the main window. Clicking on one of these buttons will open the configuration window to allow the settings to be changed.

Note: Minimizing the main display, will put it in the system tray – out of the way.


There are three types of rest or break displays. You can choose the display that best matches what you plan to do in your rest period, and the environment you work in. The three types of rest period displays are:

1) 10 stretches displayed over 90 seconds, followed by some tips.

Suggested stretches. RSI help.
RSI timer: A series of stretches can be displayed during the rest period

2) Favorite photo displayed

Display favorite photo. RSI help.
RSI timer: Display your favourite photo during a rest period

3) A small un-intrusive timer window for the rest period.

Small un-intrusive timer. RSI help.
RSI timer: A small un-intrusive timer


Each break period is between 1 and 20 minutes (as configured), where it is recommended you do some gentle stretches, get up, look to the distance and maybe get a drink of water. If you are just trying to finish some work, you can postpone the rest period by 3 minutes or 10 minutes. You can also select to skip a rest period – but this it normally not recommended – your hands, back and neck are more important.


The use of a keyboard, mouse or trackball may be linked to serious injuries or disorders. If you have persistent or recurring discomfort, do not ignore these warnings and SEEK HELP FROM A QUALIFIED HEALTH PROFESSIONAL IMMEDIATELY.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you should take reasonable caution when doing any stretching exercises. Seek help from a qualified health professional if you are unsure.

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