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RSI timer: Back pain, neck pain, wrist RSI?

I decided to discontinue “RSIStopWatch” for Windows on 13 November 2017. If you have not purchased RSIStopWatch, please uninstall the app now. If you have purchased RSIStopWatch, we will continue to provide support for 12 months. Thanks.


Gain control over the time you are using the computer and reduce the risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injury or similar health issues.

If your job entails working at the computer all day, then the importance of taking small breaks cannot be stressed enough. Not only can you considerably reduce the risk of headaches, back pain, and neck pain, but you can also help ensure you do not develop painful health conditions, such as the carpal tunnel syndrome. This is where an RSI timer comes in useful.

 If you are aware of the problems you could experience while working on the PC, but simply forget to take breaks because you are too busy with work, then rest assured, RSIStopWatch is an application that enables you to organize your schedule and set reminders, so that you take regular breaks.

RSI timer software: RSI, OOS, OHS, WHS?

Have you actually noticed or even taken the time to read the keyboard “Health warning” that glares at you if you flip your keyboard over?

That’s right, frequent PC usage can contribute to a whole series of health problems including headaches, back pain, neck pain and wrist RSI. You can also develop long-term painful health conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. These can be serious issues that can affect your ability to work and your well being.

Early intervention is the key.

RSI software product RSIStopWatch is a cost effective way to reduce the impact on your hands and wrists due to extensive mouse clicking by introducing hotkeys. It helps reduce health issues like a back pain and neck pain caused by poor posture and sitting in the one place for too long by recommending regular rest periods, while also displaying posture and stretch reminders. This is especially helpful if you tend to slouch as the day wears on.

Back pain, neck pain, wrist RSI? Try RSI software for free
RSI timer: Take control of the time you use your computer

RSIStopWatch is aimed at anyone who uses a PC all day.

The RSI timer can be customized to display a series of stretches, your own posture or stretch reminder image, or just your favorite photo. It can also just display a small un-intrusive rest period timer.

The RSI timer can also log information about your work day, such as start times and can be used to track your activities.

In addition to using RSI software like RSIStopWatch, please see our other RSI prevention suggestions.

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