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Windows photo viewer – quickly clean up your photo library

Windows photo viewer: Have thousands of digital pictures?

Plan to review and delete the rubbish one day?

Like to put your photos in the cloud?

“Photo Cull” lets you review thousands of photos on your large PC monitor and very quickly decide which pictures you really want to keep. You can then export your photo library to local photo storage or cloud storage. Photo Cull is simple to use.

Windows photo viewer: Quickly clean up your photo library

It is not uncommon to have over 10,000 digital photos in your library, with many photos being just another shot – that really should be just deleted. This can be a seriously time-consuming job.

Having so many pictures in your library makes it hard to see the photos you really want to see. To quickly decide which pictures you should delete, Photo Cull displays all photos in date sequence , 2 photos at a time on a large PC display. This allows a quick visual side by side comparison on a large display where you can see the photo detail (unlike a 5″ smartphone) and the lesser photo can be deleted with a single keystroke, automatically advancing to the next photo. Images can also be rotated with a single keystroke. Duplicate photo files can also be quickly found and deleted.

Moving your culled image set to the Google Cloud allows you to view your photos anywhere and provides an off-site backup (just in case something goes wrong with your PC). Google drive (storage in the cloud) allows 15GB of free storage (at the time of writing). Culling your photo library also allows you to reduce the need to purchase cloud storage.

In one user’s scenario, starting with 7000 family photos from a 15 year period, in an afternoon PhotoCull helped reduce this to a more useful and manageable 3000 photos and move these to the Google cloud. A perfect rainy day activity you have been putting off forever.

Once you have culled and exported your photo’s, PhotoCull can be used as an ongoing simple tool to quickly cull your new photos. The last reviewed photo date is stored so that you recommence your photo reviews from the date you last finished. So every few months (on that rainy day) you can now quickly cull your new photos taken on your android smartphone – on a big PC monitor where you can see the photo detail – side by side – in date sequence.

Windows photo viewer - Photo cull help

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