deClutter disk – main display

The main display shows button controls and 4 tabs. The tabs show information about the largest files and folders on the disk or selected folder to allow the focus of the disk cleanup to have the biggest impact on the overall disk space – I.e. to focus on deleting or reorganizing the largest files and folders.

Duplicate file finder. deClutter disk tabs
deClutter disk tabs

The button controls and tabs are described below.

Disk cleanup button controls

Disk Cleanup: Starts the Windows Disk Cleanup utility for the configured disk. To clean colour

up system files.

Start: Starts a scan and analysis of the specified disk or folder.

Stop: Stops the scan or analysis.

Configuration: Opens the configuration window.

Help: online help.

About: information about the disk cleanup software, deClutter disk.

Exit: exit deClutter disk.

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