deClutter disk – largest folders

After starting a scan with the Start button, all folders and subfolders (as configured) are scanned to determine the size of all files in the folders and all files in folders including subdirectories. This very quickly shows the folders that are using the most disk space. Up to 1000 folders with the largest total size of files in the folder are displayed. The folder, size of the files in the folder (excluding subfolders) and the size of the files in the folder (including subfolders) are displayed in a list from largest to smallest.

The list of Largest folders is sortable on Folder name, Size of files in the directory or the size including subdirectories. This is done by clicking on the column heading you want to sort. For example, to see the largest folders sorted based on their size including subdirectories, then just click the  “Size including subdirectories (MB)” column heading.

The rows are color coded to make it easier to read across a row.

The intended use of this display is to quickly show the largest folders to investigate and possibly delete some files. Double-clicking on a row will open that folder in Windows File Explorer and allow you to investigate further.

Duplicate file finder. Large folders

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