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Are your data backups taking too long?

Is your cloud storage filling up?

Free up local disk space or cloud storage …

Speed up backups… inPocket Software’s deClutter disk will help you quickly find and remove any large and unwanted user files and folders from your Windows PC or cloud storage.

inPocket Software’s deClutter disk quickly targets the largest files and folders on the storage and brings them to your attention in an easy to read display so the files and folders can be investigated and deleted where it makes sense.

Key uses

Find and manage:

  • Large partial duplicate folders
    • Find large folders that have been copied to multiple locations.
  • Large duplicate files
  • Large files
  • Large Folders

deClutter disk has the benefits of:

  • Saving you money by reducing the need to upgrade your tier of cloud storage;
  • Saving you money by reducing the apparently urgent need to upgrade to a bigger disk;
  • Freeing up much-needed disk space for other files;
  • Reduces the time it takes to make backups of your data;
  • Increases system performance if the disk is almost full.

deClutter disk focuses on large user folders and files, rather than temporary Windows files. deClutter disk is designed to be used in conjunction with the Windows “Disk Cleanup” tool which focuses on cleaning up different types of files – temporary Windows files, for example, downloaded files, Internet files, recycle bin files, other temporary files, thumbnail caches etc.

Download cloud and PC cleaner "deClutter disk"
Free for personal use.

deClutter disk is also aimed at removing the unwanted clutter from your cloud storage, like Google drive.

Free for personal use. For commercial use, please purchase for US$12.50 (per user license).

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