Display and Touchscreen


The display check displays 5 test screens to check for different types of display faults. Each screen is displayed for about 3 seconds.

  • White: Check for dead pixels  (i.e. black dots).
  • Black: Check for bright pixels (e.g. white dots) and backlight bleed (e.g. white clouds). Check for dead or bright lines.
  • Red/Green/Blue: Check the color is consistent across the whole display.


Select OK is the screen looks OK for each of these tests, otherwise select NOK.


This tests the touchscreen (digitizer) for dead areas and 5 point multi-touch.

The touchscreen test displays 2 vertical lines. You should touch both lines at the top of the screen with 1 finger and drag to the bottom of the screen. This is repeated for 3 sets of lines, with each set of lines covering different parts of the touch screen.

A 5 point multi-touch test follows. Just touch the screen with 5 fingers. Note: This test is skipped if the device does not support 5 touch points.

The test will automatically complete OK if the traced lines have been followed on the touchscreen and the 5 point multi-touch is OK. The test will be deemed NOK if a set number of attempts are made and the test has not completed. If your device has a faulty touchscreen and your device can recognize a touch anywhere on the screen, then you can just tap there a number of times to fail the test and move to the next test.


This shows the basic touchscreen functionality is OK or NOK.

It uses 2D graphics, and hence also shows the basic 2D function is OK.

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