Displays information about the battery and its health, and provides a test of the charging socket.

The information includes the status, battery level, health, and temperature. Key information is color coded with green indicating “OK”, red “NOK” and orange a ‘warning’.

If the battery health is good, this will be shown as OK (in green). If the battery health is cold, dead, over heating, over voltage or some other unspecified failure, the heatlth is shown as NOK (in red). An unknown battery health is shown in orange.

The charge socket is tested by inserting a charging cable. When a USB or AC charging cable is inserted and the device starts charging, the charging socket status will change to “OK”.

phone battery test

The battery health is either good, overheating, overvoltage, cold, a failure value, or dead. “Good” is the desired health. This means that no problem has been identified with the battery (specifically, the battery subsystem has not triggered a condition that it determines to be a fault).

Based on the battery information, select OK or NOK to complete the battery check.

Note 1: The Stress Test (the last test) forms part of the overall battery test. It is recommended that this test is allowed to complete (i.e. don’t press ‘skip’).

Note 2: Battery temperature is deemed to be too high when above 40C. High temperatures are not good for your battery, make sure you don’t leave your phone in a hot place for long periods of time (like in your car all day or on top of hot electronic equipment).  Also, beware of quick chargers as these can generate extra heat.

Note 3: Some devices report the incorrect capacity. The app filters out capacity values that appear incorrect. If a capacity value is not shown, then it has been deemed as possibly not accurate.

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