Phone Information

Monitor CPU, memory and storage usage, the battery level and health, cellular and WiFi signal strengths.

Display the key information about your phone or tablet. The Phone Information report can be emailed.


The Monitor phone screen displays CPU, memory and storage usage, the battery level and health, cellular and WiFi signal strengths. This is automatically updated.

The status of each phone category, CPU, memory, storage, battery, cellular and WiFi is shown with status bars. The status bar color represents the health of that category. Green is OK, red is not OK, and orange is in between. Red flags something that you should investigate as this may be affecting the performance or usability of your phone. Orange indicates something that may cause performance or usability issues in the future.  Green indicates all looks OK.

Phone Information

The phone information report screen displays a lot of useful hardware information about your phone or tablet. You can scroll to the bottom of the page for the options to email the device report or update the device report.

The device information that is displayed can include:

  • Device (model, brand, product, serial number);
  • Body (weight and dimensions);
  • Operating system (version, API level, security patch level, build, uptime, root access…);
  • Display (type, size, resolution, PPI, multi-touch);
  • Processor (SOC, CPU, architecture, GPU);
  • Memory (total and available);
  • Internal storage (Total and available);
  • Primary shared storage;
  • Camera (front, rear, video resolution).
  • Battery (Connection status, level, health, technology, temperature, and voltage.
  • Telephony network (SIM state, IMEI, IMSI, network type, and data connection, cell towers, signal strength).
  • Wi-Fi network (state, SSID, signal level, frequency, IP address, gateway address)
  • Supported sensors.
  • Temperature sensor values.
    * Where supported by the device.
Phone information
Example of Phone Information

We are continually trying to improve andInfo and would love to hear your feedback:

System requirements

  • A phone or tablet with Android 4.4 and above.
  • Not all of the device information is available on all devices. Please let us know if the information you need is missing on your phone or tablet and we will investigate adding it.

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