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 Phone Check and Test

Phone check

Test your phone works properly … before your rely on it every day.
Android phone and tablet testing

Phone Signal (cell strength)

phone signal strength

Is your cell phone network signal OK where you use it most? Easy to use.Android phone and tablet testing

Phone Information

Phone information

Android Phone Information

Phone Stress Test

phone stress test
Android Phone Stress Test

 RSI prevention software – Windows

rsi software

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a potentially disabling illness caused by prolonged repetitive hand movements, such as those involved in computer use.

Reduce the health impact of using a PC for long periods of time.

Back pain, neck pain, wrist RSI? RSI prevention. Try RSI software for free

Disk cleanup software – Windows

Cleanup disk space quickly with deClutter disk

Free up disk space locally or in the cloud… Speed up backups… deClutter disk will help you quickly find and remove any large and unwanted user files and folders from your Windows PC or cloud storage.

Cloud storage and disk cleanup software

Photo cull – Windows

photo cull

Quickly clean up your photo library.

Cloud storage and disk cleanup software

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